All constituent components of the CERTUS system are classified as A1 non-combustible to BS EN 13501.

The CERTUS panel components include the stainless steel carriers, brick slips, pointing mortar and fixings. The framing system is also designed and supplied in exclusively class A1 materials and therefore the system is not subject to any restriction on building height or proximity to boundaries.

An 8414 test was carried out to demonstrate the fire performance characteristics of the CERTUS System in a large scale construction including typical junctions and cavity construction. The system passed the test with minimal deterioration to any of panels or products within the cavity construction.


The CERTUS system has been tested to the CWCT Standard for systemised building envelopes as a rainscreen façade system. The tests carried out during the test sequence from chapter 4 of the CWCT standards are as follows:
> Static Water Penetration
> Dynamic Water Penetration Aero Engine
> Repeat Static Water Penetration
> Water Penetration – Hose
> Wind Resistance | Serviceability
> Wind Resistance | Safety
> Impact Resistance – Hard & Soft Body

The system passed all tests within the sequence. The CERTUS system has a design windload resistance of +/- 2.4kN/m2 and Category B impact resistance meaning it can be used in areas readily accessible to the public and others with little incentive to exercise care and where there is a chance of accidental damage and misuse.


The durability and integrity of the CERTUS System was tested
in accordance with:
> EAD 090062-00-0404
– Heat / Rain | 70°C & Spray
– Heat/Cold | 50°C to -20°C
> ETAG 017:2005
– Saturated Freeze/Thaw | -20°C
> ISO 7892:1988
– Hard and Soft Body Impact Testing

Bond (mechanical resistance) testing of the brick slips was then carried out after the exposure tests as detailed above.

No deterioration or defects were recorded during the exposure tests and no damage or deterioration was recorded during the impact tests providing a Category I impact resistance. This means the system is suitable in zones readily accessible at ground level to the public vulnerable to hard body impacts. e.g. Façade bases in public locations such as squares, schoolyards or parks.


The WinMark Certification System is a UKAS accredited third party technical assessment. It includes an evaluation of the following key criteria:
> The CERTUS System and its performance from test data as a rainscreen façade system

> An assessment of the manufacturing processes and factory production controls

> Demonstration of compliance with warranty providers standards, including NHBC, Premier Guarantee & LABC

> Review of compliance with requirements of the latest building regulations

ISO 9001 | BS EN 1090

ACS operate a UKAS accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Welding Quality Management System to BS EN 1090, Execution Class 2. All structural steel products are designed and manufactured under a Factory Production Control system and are CE marked accordingly


NHBC Services Ltd considers that the Innovative Product (CERTUS Brick Slip Cladding System) can meet NHBC Standards.


The BBA Certificate is underway for the CERTUS System. All testing is complete and submitted. The system has been assessed by the BBA as being fit for its intended use. 


The Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) accreditation is pending. 

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