The CERTUS panels are supplied in brick coordinating sizes. For example, a standard facing panel is 3 courses wide (675mm) by 6 courses tall (450mm).

Panels are set out and fixed to the aluminium rainscreen framing system using stainless steel self-drilling & tapping screws through the pre-pierced horizontal slots located at the ends of each panel. Both the panel and the slips can be adjusted to ensure correct line/level and brick coursing and perp joint alignment is achieved.

Once the panels are installed, stitching slips are simply clipped into the carrier to conceal the fixing points ready to be pointed.

The CERTUS panels are then pointed using Parex Historic KL Mortar following the ACS installation guide. The mortar is available in a range of standard colours as illustrated below but can also be blended to suit project specific requirements upon request.

Standard Mortar Colours

how it works

The video demonstrates how the ACS Facades CERTUS brick slip cladding system works.

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