What is CERTUS?

CERTUS is a pre-assembled modular BRICK SLIP CLADDING SYSTEM.

Brick slips cut from standard clay facing units are mechanically fixed into a stainless steel carrier creating standard factory assembled panel modules. The standard modules include:
> Facing Units
> Corners
> Reveals
> Soffits
> Special Details

The panel units are designed to be fixed back to a rain screen framing system and then pointed on site to create the look and feel of a traditional brick façade.

The standard modules include:

Facing Panel

Corner Panel

Reveal Panel

Soffit Panel


Through the combination of brick cutting and carrier design, various bond patterns and brick features are possible with the CERTUS System. These include:
> Stretcher Bond
> Soldier Bond
> Stack Bond
> English Bond
> Flemish Bond
> Saw Tooth Bond
> Stepped Headers & Stretchers

Feature panels are factory assembled and installed on site in the same way as the standard units, creating architectural brick details without the need for highly skilled bricklayers.


Soldier Bond

Stretcher Bond

Stack Bond

Fish Scale Bond

Flemish Bond


Certus is designed and manufactured off-site in a factory controlled environment, which reduces the likelihood of, and the time wasted on site due to defects and poor workmanship.

It can be installed regardless of the weather and site conditions taking brickwork off the critical path of the build schedule.

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